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Messages from Your Angels with Karen Anderson

Sold Out!!

Saturday March 1st, 2014


Thank you for a most insightful reading. I’m at a turning point and you helped me make many decisions. I’ve been asking my spirit guides and angels for assistance. I can’t wait to tell you of the enfoldment of my life.
Much love,
A. in California

Dear Susan
Thank you so much for the reading today. It was really informative. It will really help me step into my confidence and walk my path. I have been trying to ‘tamper’ my Leo rising qualities over the past few years and now I will let them back out into the light and see where it takes me. I really appreciate all of your work and will let you know how it works out. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
In love, light, and gratitude,
Your sister,
O. in Saudi Arabia

Dear Susan,
Thanks so much for the reading! You gave me lots to think about. I already see my perspective changing in a few areas. Can’t wait to get the cassette to replay a few areas.
C. in Illinois

Thank you so much for my chart reading. I have a lot of work to do on myself. I appreciate your time and I am truly enjoying getting to know you. I’ll be in touch.
R. in Alaska

Dear Susan,
Thank you for the telephone session! I appreciate knowing what is in store for me this year after hearing you review my Solar Return Birthday chart. It is wonderful to talk and work with you! Have an awesome week!
K. in Ohio

Dear Susan,
After our time together my hip has no pain (I can walk easily), I can take a deep breath, my head is not funny, my ear opened up, I have all but stopped bleeding in my kidney, and I can eat and digest my food. I am off of pain pills and feel n o panic this morning. I don’t remember much of what you had to tell me during our appointment and that’s okay. Thank you for giving me my body back.
Many blessings,
J. in Missouri

Dear Susan,
Thank you for your time and efforts on Tuesday. I am still processing! It was an interesting experience. I looked through my personal library and found a book called Energy Medicine, written by Donna Eden, with a forward by Carolyn Myss. I am reading it now to better understand our conversation.
I will keep you posted as to how things are going. I think I am processing through my dreams. (I have done this most of my life.) Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thanks again!
S. in Oregon

I still can’t believe how well I am doing. I went from working five hours per week to twenty-five. My aches, feeling of always being tired, and pain is gone. Working at Sears is fun. How many people have you helped with getting new jobs? I will always be grateful for your help and friendship.
Love ya,
P.J. in Ohio

Dear Susan,
Thank you for all your help in creating the ‘Gems of Light’ event. I appreciate all of your efforts and wish they return 1,000 fold to you! Wishing you success and joy!
Judith Lukomski
co-author of Crystal Therapy

Following the sessions with you at Charlie’s home, an amazing thing has happened. Prior to the session, there was only one day in the past ten years that my nose has not bled (due to mold toxic exposure). There seems to be a different kind of healing occurring around my septum since the treatment, and there has been more days than not, without bleeding. Totally without bleeding! I can’t get over it! Would you consider doing some remote work over your telephone with me?
T. in Missouri

I had to let you know the results of my “Spiritual Healing.” All along I have been determined to take all of the legal matters to the very end- jury trial, the whole nine yards. I was right and I was going to prove it.
Last week, the other side offered a settlement if we would drop the whole thing (a very small fraction of our loss). Because of your healing, I was able to accept it and get past the stressful mess. It's a relief to have all of that five year aggravation behind me. How lucky I am to have “Susan” to keep my mind and spirit healthy
Lots of Love,
J. in Ohio

Hi Susan,
I just want to tell you that I think the BOS/BES treatment you provided me with seems to be working. I feel great these days and just wanted to let you know. I told a few of my friends and I gave them your e-mail address so they can contact you. Thanks again. I will call you soon. I feel my health is better since you worked on me after my heart attack and my sales at work are going up. Do you remember that I told you I have a “stuck feeling?” You said we could erase it. It seems to be working. I would have never believed it! I have seen a lot of alternative methods of healing on TV lately. I am going to tape them and then ask you for your input.
Thanks again,
G. in Ohio

You asked me to track ‘feelings’/sensations/colors during your work on me this evening.
7:04pm- My shoulders involuntarily drop relaxed
7:07pm- Tension in my head, scalp, and ears dissipates; my crown chakra tingles (I am unusually and keenly aware of my ears); my ears feel heavy and relaxed; I am thinking that this treatment session is a gift for a difficult day
7:08pm- I am aware of my breathing. I am breathing m ore fully
7:11pm- The relaxation has moved down my throat, resting at my trachea and spreads out through my lungs into my shoulders into my shoulders. It is as if the relaxation is moving from the top of my head to my shoulders to my sternum. These parts are encapsulated in a healing cube of clear white ice. The very back of my head/crown is tingling, as well as the top of my head.
7:13pm- I had a flash of red and yellow behind my eyes with great warmth, which was comfortable.
7:14pm- My sinuses felt like they made a reversal. Rather than dripping, the dripping was reversed and sucked back up. I am salivating and hear, “Bacteria is gone.”
7:15pm- I feel a subtle pressure in the left hip region and hear, “Straighten up!” and “Straighten around!” I sense a surge of rotation.
7:20pm- I got very Hungary and made a warm, hot dinner.
T. in Missouri

Dear Susan,
I just wanted to say thank you for the many things you do. I realize this note is well over due! I went from being ill to being way busy with trying to get moved and all it’s side projects! But just for you to know... I have had permanent improvement since my sessions with you. My shoulder never returned to the previous uncomfortable state it was in!! The relationship with my Grandma though it was never perfect, did get better. This was so important to me because the week I was in Colorado, my Grandma passed away. I knew she had a couple of weeks to go, so they said, but I knew she would pass while I was out of town and she did. I am very grateful to have been complete with her prior to her leaving us. I hope you are doing well and I look forward to seeing you soon!
C. in California