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Saturday March 1st, 2014


Solar Return Birthday Trips

The Solar Return Birthday Trip is the most powerful catalyst in astrology. It reveals what you are going to experience for the year. Every year near your birthday, the Sun is in the same degree and minute as the day you were born. When this alignment occurs, a Solar Return Birthday Chart is created. It caps over your natal chart energies for the year. You can alter what is going to happen in your life for the year to come by changing your location at the time of the alignment. This does not change the aspects the planets are in, but it will change which houses they land in.

It will take Susan a week or two to find the location, which matches you goals for the upcoming year. Next, you will have a one hour taped conversation discussing what will be going on during the year for you if you stay at home versus going on the Solar Return Birthday Trip. You tape and charts will be mailed out to you promptly.

You may chose from the following goals for your upcoming year:

It’s always advantageous to commission Susan five to six months out before your upcoming birthday, so you can get good travel deals. If your birthday has just passed, Susan will be happy to do a Solar Return Birthday reading for you based on the location you were at on your birthday.

If you limit her to finding a Solar Return Birthday Trip location in the United States, you may chose two or three goals. If you give Susan the world (it must be a safe location where tourists travel), you may choose four or five goals. To find the perfect location for you the following are considered: your soul’s destiny path (found in your natal chart); your goals; eclipses and wobbles contacting the planets in the Solar Return Birthday chart; the location of your Ascendent (rising sign); and the houses your natal planets fall into in the Solar Return Birthday chart. Please consider having your natal chart reading first, so you can use your soul’s destiny path found in your blueprint (natal chart) to help you set your Solar Return Birthday Trip goals.

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