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Saturday March 1st, 2014


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As I think back over my life, it is easy to see how I have always been on this path of helping people heal themselves. Back in third grade my class had an assignment to draw our Solar System. I was intrigued with the different planets, especially with Saturn’s rings. Age twenty-six found me racing home from work to go jogging, then to settle down to a new hobby- reading and studying astrology books. It was exciting to share my new found knowledge with my friends so they could make the positive changes they desired for themselves.

By the time I was thirty-eight I considered using the planetary positions to make daily decisions. It was four years later, after intense tracking of planetary and lunar movements, when I knew that using this information would provide me with the daily guidance I desired and I started using it.

For the last few years, my clients have kept me joyfully busy doing Natal Chart Readings and providing them with locations for their Solar Return Birthday Trips. How fun it is to take my client’s list of goals and search for the perfect city to bring in the energies they desire!

I have to credit Carolyn Myss and her seminar I attended in December of 2001 in Burbank, California as the catalyst for where I am today. I was so intrigued with the information she shared with us that weekend. The idea that thoughts and emotions could affect our physical health made so much sense to me. Three months later I was at Holos University Graduate Seminary in Missouri, a school Carolyn recommended on her website. I immediately applied for a Master’s Degree in Theology with an emphasis in Energy Medicine.

A whirlwind of studying, writing papers, and conducting research in the area of hypnosis kept me very busy for the next eighteen months. During this time, I was also able to make several trips up to Chatham, Canada to learn the BOS technique from one of my fellow classmates, Dr. Larry Steel. This is such a powerful clearing and reorganizing technique that it often pops into the one-on-one healing appointments that I do in person or over the phone.

Some other thoughts back over the years takes me to age twelve when I became acutely aware that I am a “sensitive.” I noticed that whenever someone was not telling me the truth I would feel like my stomach was being punched. This scared me at first. I thought I had a medical condition. Years later, I read many of Dr. Doreen Virtue’s books and learned what being a clairsentience is all about. Whenever I lead an angel workshop there is always a part of it dedicated to helping each person discover how they connect to Spirit. Whether is through feeling, seeing, hearing, or knowing, each one of us does have our most common way of connecting.

In the spring of 2004 Dr. Alberto Villoldo came into my life. I decided to take a three hour Learning Annex class for fun. Over and over again as I flipped through their catalog I saw Alberto’s picture and the words “Shamanic Healing”. By July, I was in Park City, Utah in The Class of the South, the first class of his two year program. The healing techniques and tools we learned in the classes at The Four Winds are incredibly powerful.

Being called to do the Shaman work is a humbling, yet empowering experience. My favorite part of this work is taking my clients to the energetic to do their releasing and to receive their gifts. This is a place where there is no time or boundaries. It lies above the realm of the mental/symbolic where traditional psychologists and most therapists work.

At Bridge of Light Holistic Healing Center you will receive personal healing from one or a combination of any of the above mentioned modalities. Whether you opt for a personal healing appointment, spiritual coaching, or to attend a workshop please know it is my deepest desire and intention that you receive whatever it is that your soul and heart truly desires. You could have by the way, a different outcome from what your persona desires. This happens because I work in the energetic realm, whether it is with your higher self, spirit guides, angels, or the ancestors.

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