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Saturday March 1st, 2014


Energy Cord Cutting

Energy Cord

Cords of attachment exist between yourself and those you have been in relationship with.  Within these cords, toxic emotions and thoughts flow back and forth.  Energy cords once established will only grow in size over time, whether you are in personal contact with the other person or not.  They link you to the other person’s problems and create an energy drain.  They distort your thinking and feelings so you feel like a puppet.  Cutting a cord does not mean the end of a relationship, only that the problems are released.

Major cords of attachment can be found with your parents whether you knew them or not and whether they are on this side or “the other side”.  You will also find cords to your siblings, children, miscarried babies, childhood friends, sexual partners, difficult bosses and co-workers, plus any spiritual leader, therapist, or healer who “hooked” you.
You create minor cords of attachment to celebrities, politicians, less irritating bosses and co-workers, minor friendships, neighbors or acquaintances.  Cord cutting does not solve all of your problems.  It does, though, free you up so you have more energy.  You are able to set boundaries more easily because you are clear with who you are, knowing which thoughts and emotions belong to you, versus the person at the other end of the cord.  When energetic cords are cut properly using an “energy sandwich” technique the results are permanent. 

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