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Saturday March 1st, 2014


Susan's Blog:How Astrology Can Help You Understand Your Child

By Susan E Baroni, ThM

Just knowing your child’s sign can help you immensely. Parents have a tendency of putting their ideologies on their children and don’t realize their child’s true desires. To have a happy child, support him or her in their full development of their soul’s journey.

The Fire sign children are the most energetic. A lot of parents can’t control them. The best is to do an activity with them. Discover your child’s strengths and weaknesses rather than assuming they are like you. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the Fire signs.

The Aries child is the most stubborn. They want their way regardless of your wishes. You have to negotiate with them. They likes to get into power confrontations with you because they love a challenge. Aries children do not like things to be easy. Dare Aries children if you want them to get something done like cleaning their room or doing their homework. If you insist that they do their homework they most likely will not budge and then you feel pushed to your limits. Always give your Aries child something to learn that is not easy. They doesn’t know the meaning of “No” so challenge them with the end result of whatever you wanted them to do.

Leo children need to be supported at an early age by being out there to express their uniqueness. They are very self-focused. Enroll them in acting, singing, or dancing at an early age, even if they are shy, to assist them in being recognized. Your Leo child wants to be noticed and wants an audience. Encourage your child to be different and dress different so your Leo can be larger than life. Be supportive of your child being different. Never reprimand your Leo child in front of anyone, because Leo has a lot of pride. Your child needs to be active to be happy.

Sagittarius children want to be busy doing things and playing games. The more activities, the happier they are. Get Sagittarius children involved in a sport while they are young because they like to compete. Your child is a seeker so let your child explore on the Internet with your supervision. Sagittarius children are most relaxed when there is a lot going on. Your child is extremely open-minded and cannot tolerate anyone with a limited view or a closed mind. Sagittarius children need to discover on their own what is true about God. You cannot force religion on to this child. They love their freedom. The best way to get along with this child is to do an activity outdoors. This is the best time to have an important conversation with your child. Sagittarius children can get bored with school so give them other options to learn as well.

The Earth sign children are also sensitive, but can go through a major crisis and not see it. These are private children especially in terms of their bodies. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the Earth signs.

Your Taurus child is the most loyal and non-expressive. These children most value truth and take logical action. They will not forget a lie. Their integrity is impeccable. Taurus children are very private and need their own space. Their room is their temple so respect it. Your Taurus child is in to beauty and beautiful surroundings.

Virgo children are hyper. They are always thinking about something or doing something. Teach your Virgo child to read at an early age. Their mind is naturally inquisitive so give them books early. Assist your Virgo child away from the T.V. They need to read and communicate. Put them into debate classes early. Get them into physical exercise or they can blow a fuse. Teach your Virgo child to take catnaps. Virgo children have problems with elimination so put fruits into your child’s diet.

Capricorn children are the most fearful. They have a fear of starving like the children in Africa. Assure your child this will not happen. Do not argue with your mate in front of this child. Your child will think you are getting a divorce. Your Capricorn child has a sense of political correctness so dress appropriately at the PTA meets. Never reprimand your child in public.

Your Air sign child is the most cool of the children because air governs the intellect. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the Air signs.

Your Gemini child is in to everything. Your child can surprise you by doing a 180 degree turn on a subject. Get your Gemini child interested in reading and asking questions even before pre-school. Gemini children have a huge curiosity and if not supported they can get themselves into trouble. They wants to try everything once. Create a few new things every month for your Gemini child to explore. They love to hear themselves discuss things so set aside time each day for discussions. Encourage your Gemini child to try all styles of dress.

Libra children are very sensitive to loud noise so lower the volume of your voice. They also have a highly developed athletic sense. Libra children should be encouraged at an early age to draw and paint- to express their feelings through color on paper. Allow them to decorate their own bedroom. Encourage your Libra child to change the décor. Have plexi-glass on the walls so your child can draw or paint on the walls to change them according to their moods. Libra children are very visually oriented. These children need a lot of appreciation and reassurance so always tell them how wonderful they looks and how beautiful their outfit is to support their choice of self-expression. Libra children should wear colors that are soothing to them. They express themselves artistically and visually. Do not take Libra children to a horror film. They get scared easily. Libra children should drink plenty of room temperature water to support their bladder, liver, and kidneys. The water will flush their system.

Always give your Aquarius child surprises and make life magical no matter what their age. Think of unusual ways to give your child incentives. They do not know boundaries with other people and therefore do not understand that some people won’t be good for them. They are all brothers and sisters to your Aries child. Help your child to understand how the world is. With school it can either way- either they are interested or they are not. Aries children have to be interested in the subjects. Offer other things that pertain to what they are studying if they’re not thrilled with their teacher or the curriculum. Make sure your child’s ankles are protected when playing. Also, check your child’s respiratory system.

The Water signs are the most emotional, sensitive, and vulnerable. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the Water signs.

If your child is a Cancer your child is the most sensitive. They build a wall around themselves. It is most important to be affectionate. Give lots of hugs and kisses. Dissipate their fear of not having enough food by having a full refrigerator.

Scorpio children always have to have something to explore. They love mystery games and books. Get your child involved in a science project that needs a solution and once a month have a treasure hunt. Your child will ask you a lot of questions about sex at a young age. Be direct and upfront with your answers.

The Pisces children are governed by Neptune. These children can get depressed and develop low blood sugar issues. Get your child interested in healthy desserts and fruits. Have your Pisces child eat every few hours. They believe life is a fairy tale and are very sensitive to sounds and smells. Pisces children love the water so treat your child with a bubble bath with bathtub toys or a trip to the ocean.

The children today are such a unique group of individuals. Your child came to the Earth with many gifts and relies on you for help in nourishing those gifts and allowing them to grow. Why not take the time to look at Astrology as a way or tool to help you with your child. This will be life changing for you and your child. Knowing your child’s chart, as well as the gifts and blessings your child came in with will offset any problems that could occur in the future because you are already tuned in to your child.

I have been doing astrology for over twenty-five years and have noticed with my expertise that parents who take the time to have their children’s charts done have a good idea of what their teenager’s lives could be like and how they can guide them to a very happy and prosperous life.

Copyright © 2011 Susan E Baroni. All Rights Reserved

Susan Baroni, ThM, is the founder of the Bridge of Light Holistic Healing Center in Westlake Village, CA. A Professional Astrologer and Shaman she teaches in Westlake Village and also travels to teach basic astrology classes to those who would like to understand themselves and their children at a deeper level. Book a natal chart reading to understand your child's chart by calling: (805)373-7861.