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Saturday March 1st, 2014


Natal Chart Analysis

Your natal chart is an instrument to understand the nature of yourself and your life. It is a mirror of your soul. The planets reflect what is going on with your internal patterns. To truly change anything in your outer life, you must first be aware of your internal patterns and resolve the issues therein. To make a change externally without first resolving the inner pattern, results in repeating problematic cycles.

A natal chart reading reveals what your patterns are and what choices you can activate to work through them. Your lessons, tests, blocks, as well as your talents, blessings, and abilities are revealed. Astrology in the hands of a true professional provides the incomparable insight.

Price: $195.00

Solar Return Birthday Trips

The Solar Return Birthday Trip is the most powerful catalyst in astrology. Based on your location at your birthday time, your Solar Return chart reveals what you are going to experience for the year. You can alter what is going to happen in your life for the year to come by changing your location on your birthday.

Price: $175.00


Lunar Return Monthly Trips

Each month the transiting moon makes contact with your natal moon. Learn how to use the energy of the moon to increase your health, finances, and sense of well-being. You can alter these energies by changing your location on the day of your Lunar Return.  Lunar Return Trips are most commonly used by those who missed their Solar Return Birthday Trip and have difficult aspects in that chart or their Natal chart in the 6th House of Health.  There are also those who do not have difficult health aspects but go on a Lunar Return Trip to accentuate their money house, career house, or have a better chance of winning a lawsuit during this mini twenty-eight day cycle.

Right Timing Analysis for Weddings

Wedding Your marraige will have a birth chart depending on the location, date, and time you get married.  This birth chart will show you where your union's energies will be focused and where your union will be sensitive to cycles.  Ask yourselves what you each want to focus on in your marriage.  List your most important goals, the time of year, and the location you would like to get married in so Susan can chose the wedding chart that is the best match. She will provide you with the date and time.   It is an art to pick the time.  It defines the issues, difficulties, blessings, strengths, communication, and how you handle financial matters.  Because both of your birth charts need to be compared to the wedding chart, each of you need to have your birth date, time, and location.

If you are still contemplating getting married, a complete natal chart comparison can be done to show the two of you where your strengths lie and where you could experience challenges.  This comparison is highly recommended if the two of you are still deciding on a future together.

Right Timing Analysis for Business Launches

When you launch a business, you are creating a birth chart. You can greatly increase your chances of success by working with Susan- a true professional astrologer who can assess the planetary aspects and choose the most beneficial date and time for you to begin your new venture.   Please have in mind if you are incorporating or simply filing your application at your county seat so the correct birth city is used.  Also, know the focus and goals of your business before contacting Susan to create your new business birth chart for you.  If you have already launched your business, Susan will be happy to do a business launch reading for you so you know what to expect in your business over its life.