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Saturday March 1st, 2014


Acutonics® System Tuning Fork Therapy

Acutonics Tuning Fork Therapy

The Acutonics® System was developed at the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing located in Llano de San Juan near Taos, New Mexico.  Acutonics tuning fork therapy has been used effectively for disorders in the following areas: Muscular/Skeletal, Neurological, Emotional/Psychological, Respiratory, Gynecological, Psychospiritual, Urogenital, and Gastrointestinal.  The therapy has also been found to be helpful with fatigue, hypertension, chemical addictions, as well as chronic and debilitating conditions.  This sound based therapy that was developed more than fifteen years ago.

The Acutonics unique approach to sound healing embraces the concept of a musical and undivided universe.  This belief is found through time, across cultures, and many spiritual traditions, where numerous references cite the power of sound to heal, create, generate, transform, and give birth to new ideas and consciousness.  The Acutonics® System helps you to deepen your understanding of the profound universal connections between the natural world, body, mind, and spirit, and the role they each play in our journey towards wholeness.

Everything in the Universe vibrates, from the smallest particle, to the planets in our solar system, to the billions of starts in the Milky Way galaxy, creating patterns of geometric waveforms, frequencies, musical intervals, and sounds.  The sounds of the Universe are brought into the world of natural health through the use of the precision calibrated planetary tuning forks.  Acupressure points and your chakras provide noninvasive access into these core energetic systems within your body.  The planets provide musical intervals, archetypes, psychological depth, and correspondences that help the practitiner to fine-tune the therapeutic frequencies that are applied to your body.

You are rooted, sustained, eternally fed, and nourished by the powers of the Earth.  It is your access to the cosmological wisdom, the heavens, and the microcosm that sets you on a journey of transformation, reaching beyond your self or the macrocosm.  The Acutonics® System supports you in this journey.

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